Consumer Lists
Reach households and individuals based on demographics, lifestyle interests and purchase behavior.

Business Lists
Reach businesses based on business type, number of employees, title and other selection options. 

New Homeowner Lists
Updated weekly to help you reach confirmed new homeowners in any area. New Mover Lists Updated weekly from multiple sources to help you reach new movers ready to spend. 

Real Property Lists 
Largest compiled database of properties and property owners, ideal for marketers of home equity, home refinance, and other home-related offers. 

Saturation Lists
Provides 100% coverage of addresses within a geographic area, enabling you to saturate neighborhoods and reach the current "Occupant" at each address.


New Borrowers 
A national file of new refinance/equity borrowers, directly from U.S. County Recorder offices.


New Mover
A comprehensive file of consumers who have moved in the past 6 months.  Updated on the fourth Friday of each month and available the following Monday.


Pre Mover
A file of homeowners whose homes have just been listed on the market, these consumers are ready to move.




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