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Taking a proactive approach in protecting consumer privacy and compliance has always been an important focus for Axxes Data. We continuously seek ways to protect and assure appropriate use of information related to consumers. Privacy is a priority for Axxes Data as we deliver information solutions to our customers. Our privacy principles guide how we do business every day. What guides us is below: 




Axxes Data actively monitors local state and Federal laws in order to be compliant with any regulatory requirement. Axxes Data is diligent in making sure that all Federal regulations (FCRA, GLB) are followed with all of our programs. Our process includes multiple reviews of marketing promotions to ensure that marketers are complying with the latest laws and that consumers are protected.


Ethical Relationships


Axxes Data pledges to conduct our relationships with clients and other information providers in an ethical and professional manner.


Access and Choice


Axxes Data recognizes that individuals should be informed as to how information about them is used and should have choices about the dissemination of that information. Axxes Data requires that most forms of marketing accessing Axxes Data information include an opt out provision for the consumer to stop receiving solicitations.




Axxes Data maintains strict quality control procedures to ensure our information is as accurate as possible.




Axxes Data maintains strict security policies and procedures to ensure that information will not be made available to any unauthorized person or business.


Consumer Value


Axxes Data offers services and information products that create value —we look to only make value added, targeted offers to consumers through direct marketing programs.

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